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Advancing my Career

I am: Advancing My Career

You did everything right in your path to career advancement. You started at the bottom and worked your way up. You put in long hours and overtime, developing your skills whenever the opportunity arose. You even took career advice in applying for promotions, career changes, and department openings – but you’re still stuck in a position that doesn’t challenge you.

In our modern working world, loyalty and hard work only count for so much. As more and more college graduates enter the workforce, competition for top jobs will only continue to grow. Even with your years of experience, your lack of a degree could count against you.

Northwestern College makes it easy to set yourself apart and get the career help you need to go further, advance faster, and earn more. With flexible class times, nationally recognized degree programs, and a name that area employers trust, we’re poised to help professionals like you succeed at what you do best.

How to Get Promoted at Work?

No matter what field you’re in, career advancement tends to follow a fairly similar format. Top executives look for key qualities in their employees, including your ability to:

  • Learn new technology
  • Earn advanced degrees
  • Become certified in your field
  • Put in extra work
  • Juggle school, work, and life
  • Communicate effectively

With Northwestern College’s degree and certification programs, we make it easy for you to develop these skills and demonstrate your commitment to success. And because we’re accredited on a national level, your hard work will pay off regardless of where you end up being sent for your promotion.

How to Advance Your Career without Losing It

One of the biggest hurdles to returning to school with the goal of career advancement is finding the time and money to do it. It’s a catch-22 of the modern working world: without a degree, you can’t be promoted; but unless you get promoted, you can’t afford to earn your degree.

That’s where Northwestern College makes all the difference. We offer some of the most accessible class times and schedules, allowing you to choose from full-time, part-time, day, evening, and online classes. We also offer flexible payment plans and financial aid options that allow you to earn your degree without putting a strain on your family.

And because we have special adult learner programs like Life Experience Credits that reward you for the work you’ve already done, we’re prepared to recognize your contributions to your current employer – even if they aren’t.

If your current position isn’t offering you the challenge and excitement you crave, it’s time to consider what you can do to get ahead at work. Go farther. Earn more. Enjoy your career again. A stronger, more viable future is much closer than you think.


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