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Tips for Postsecondary Education Success

As you enter your postsecondary education, you’re likely to get a lot of advice about ways to succeed. And while it may be easy to feel overwhelmed from competing advice, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure your success in this exciting chapter. Choose a Program That Interests You First and […]

Taking the Plunge into Trade School: Important Considerations

From career fairs to campus tours, by the time you’re a junior or senior in high school you’ve heard a lot about college. Something less discussed is trade school – sometimes referred to as vocational school or vocational college. This shouldn’t be written off as a lesser education than traditional college programs, though. The main distinction […]

Picking a Program: In-Demand Education & Training

A higher education is important to your career success; however, not all programs are created equally. Some require more lectures and labs, while others provide more post-graduation opportunities for employment. Although post-graduation employment shouldn’t be your only criteria as you evaluate education programs or certificates, job outlook should remain a key consideration. After all, you […]

What to do after a Career Fair?

A Career fair provides an excellent opportunity to meet recruiters face-to-face and to begin to network to identify open positions. Once you have attended a Career Fair, here are some suggested practices you should do shortly after the Career fair: GET ORGANIZED: Keep track of all the contacts you made as well as the positions […]

Do you have your 20-second elevator speech?

A 20-second elevator speech is a sales pitch, and it’s very short.  It is a sound bite that sells you to a hiring manager or a networking contact that can help you get to an interview.  The 20-second elevator speech (long enough yet short enough to begin and end between floors) immediately gains attention and […]

Why Become a Nurse?

Nursing is a rewarding career that can make you really feel good about yourself and the work you’re doing – work that you can do in a variety of locations (some that you might never guess).

Northwestern College Introduces Bachelor’s Program in Health Information Management

Making healthcare information accessible to physicians, facilities and all providers involved in patient care is a necessity that gave rise to the health information technology (HIT) industry. HIT, in turn, has created the need for a way to effectively manage an organization’s information systems. That is the responsibility of health information management (HIM). Northwestern College […]

The Benefits of Career-focused Education at Northwestern College

Specialized education that results in a successful career is good education, something J. F. Fish believed when he founded Northwestern College in 1902. He also foresaw that Chicago would need competent, well-trained workers to support its rapidly growing business community. His vision still holds true today. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Northwestern College offers […]

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