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Business Programs

Business Administration (Logistics/SCM)

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (Logistics & Supply Chain Management Specialization)

  • Program Goals

    Upon completion of the program, it is expected that students will be able to:

    • Demonstrate knowledge of the common professional components of the business environment
    • Understand and analyze ethical behaviors in the business environment
    • Recognize and apply clear oral, written, and electronic communication when making professional business decisions
    • Construct and implement strategies to maximize operational effectiveness in a dynamic and rapidly evolving business environment
    • Prepare a comprehensive business capstone project

    Career Opportunities

    What does a logistics degree translate into in terms of employment? Understanding supply chain management is a highly useful skill. As such, this program offers a versatile degree that can be applied in organizations across nearly all industry sectors. Illustrating the breadth of this career field are a handful of related job titles, including: logistics manager, inventory control manager, distribution clerk, operations research analyst, materials manager, purchasing manager, and transportation manager, among others.

    Earning Potential

    Work in this field is fast-paced and sometimes stressful, but a career in logistics and supply chain management can be highly rewarding in terms of earning opportunities. When examining the average earnings of a mid-level position, such as a logistician responsible for managing the entire lifecycle of a product, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a median salary of $74,590 in May 2017. An added benefit is the expected 7% job growth between 2016-2026, which is competitive with the national average.

    While many schools offer logistics degrees, none compare with Northwestern College’s student-first emphasis that is designed to launch a successful career after graduation. To learn more about this program, contact us today.

  • Making College Affordable

    At Northwestern College, we help our students understand their college costs and how to pay for them. We also, understand that applying for financial aid can seem a little confusing and overwhelming, and want to make the process of applying for financial aid as easy as possible. That’s why our Financial Assistance Representatives are available to meet with you to help you understand financial aid and help you navigate through the application process.

    Northwestern College participates in several different types of financial aid programs to enable our Financial Assistant Department to offer you the best possible combination of aid awards. We participate in both the Federal Student Aid Programs and Illinois State MAP Program, along with other miscellaneous financial aid programs from various sources (including Veterans Programs).

    Most of our students receive some form of financial assistance. We work hard to help you find the money you need to finance your education, guiding you through the financial aid process and helping you explore different financial aid options. Grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study will assist you in paying for a college education. Read on to learn more about these opportunities.

    Remember, you can always contact the Financial Assistant Department at any time and speak with one of our Financial Assistance Representatives if you have any questions regarding the financial aid process. We look forward to helping you!


    Grants are need-based awards funded by the federal or state government. Grants are funds that do not require repayment. Learn More


    For many students and parents, loans represents an important resource to help finance educational expenses. Northwestern College participates in the federal student loan program which allows students and their parents to borrow money to help meet their educational costs. A loan is a borrowed money that is expected to be paid back with interest. When you take out a student loan, you are making a legal obligation to repay the loan, so carefully consider the amount you borrow. Be a responsible borrower and borrow only what you need. Learn More

    Scholarships/Tuition Discounts

    Northwestern College offers a variety of scholarships to students. The internal scholarships and tuition discounts that we offer are sums of money that do not require repayment. See which ones you qualify for.

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