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Changing my Career

I am: Changing my Career

Few things are more intimidating than undergoing a career change as an adult. By the time we reach our 30s, 40s, and 50s, we’re supposed to have everything figured out. We’ve put in the years of entry level work. We’ve played the corporate games. We’ve started putting money into our retirement accounts and put down roots for the future.

It’s no wonder, then, that the very idea of undergoing a midlife career change is one that takes some getting used to. Not only are you considering giving up everything you’ve worked toward for a chance at a new future – but you’re doing it at a time in your life when stability means everything.

At Northwestern College, we believe that a career change at 40, 50, or beyond doesn’t have to be a struggle. By working around your current schedule and offering online learning options that put you in the driver’s seat, you can not only get the education you seek – you can make a smooth transition that doesn’t sacrifice any of the things you’ve already accomplished in life.

Career Choices for Adult Learners

Because Northwestern College specializes in those entering their second or third careers, we’ve found ways to streamline the educational process. We know exactly which degree programs are likely to get you into your ideal new career the fastest, and we’ve found ways to offer those degrees online, in the evenings, and with a fast-track approach.

How to Change Careers at Northwestern College

For adult learners, going back to school isn’t as easy as searching college catalogs and finding one that looks appealing. You have a family to consider, an income to maintain, and bills to pay. You can’t uproot your entire life to follow a dream, no matter how much that dream might beckon.

Northwestern College makes it easy for you to fuse your dreams for the future with the life you lead right now. We offer financial aid options that make changing careers affordable. We have a flexible class schedule that doesn’t require you to put your life on hold. And most of all, we believe in supporting students through every step of the educational process. From finding the right career to landing an internship that will start you going places, our primary goal is to help you succeed.

And because we’ve spent over a hundred years in the Chicago area networking with employers, making connections, and ensuring that our name means something to the business community, we allow you to bypass many of the initial hurdles to finding a job.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life’s journey – it’s never too late to find yourself. Stop telling yourself “I need a new career” and make it happen. Contact us today to learn how.


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