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Jose Santana

Jose Santana

Program Coordinator, School of Health Sciences


Jose has 10 plus years in the field of Health Information Management (HIM). Jose has rapidly excelled in the field where he was given the opportunity to showcase his talent based on the foundation of Health Information Technology (HIT) concepts. His vision of the HIT professional has long followed his desire to be influential in the field. Along with his knowledge of HIT, Jose has shown significant interest in current and future technology from the IT perspective. His ability to acclimate to changing environments, incorporating new initiatives, has allowed him to tap into other skill sets that are not traditional in the field of HIT/HIM: Database Design, Database Management, Data Analytics, Process Improvement, HTML Interpretation, Graphic User Interface (GUI) Design/Improvement.

Jose has always had a passion to teach. While completing his associate degree, Jose was a student tutor, helping out his fellow classmates and stepping forward when leadership was required. In the HIM field, Jose has undertaken roles that required him to train or teach professionals that may or may not have a higher level of education. His charismatic demeanor exemplifies compassion, empathy, and professionalism at all times.

Jose taught formally with Northwestern College as an adjunct instructor since 2008, using the many skills learned while working in the field, and has brought a wealth of knowledge into the classroom with respect to current trends or benchmarks. In 2010, he took on the role of Associate Professor, and later that year, assumed the role of Program Coordinator. Since then, he has been able to follow his vision by making the curriculum challenging and robust in order to adequately prepare students for entry level positions in HIT/HIM.

Jose holds an Associate of Science in Health Information Technology from Northwestern College, and a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management from DeVry University.

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