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Leadership Team

Dimitrios Kriaras

Dimitrios Kriaras

Chief Executive Officer


Dimitrios began his career at Northwestern College in 2008 as a Campus Director bringing with him extensive knowledge and experience regarding proprietary education.

After close to a decade under Dimitrios leadership Northwestern College is going strong and continuing to grow and expand in new areas of education. As NC’s Chief Executive Officer, Dimitrios is responsible for overseeing all areas of college operations, business development, and NC’s strategic planning activities.

After graduating in 1998 from Chicago’s DeVry University with a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management, Dimitrios went on to assemble an impressive resume that includes over 15 years of higher education management and recruitment in cities all across the continental United States. He has also received several prestigious industry-specific awards. In 2016 Dimitrios earned his Master of Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago.  

While on campus he fosters a positive environment for students and staff alike and can often be found ”High on the Mood Elevator.” He has dedicated his career to be an innovator and trailblazer in the higher education sector by continually redefining and reinventing “what sets NC apart?”  

A perfect day for Dimitrios would have to include rolling around the city in his dream car while listening to traditional Greek music on the radio. He looks forward to having dinner with his family and playing with his new nephew every single week. Na exete kalh hmera!!


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