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Business Administration

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Oak Lawn, IL

Business administration is one of the most versatile areas of study. Students who enroll in these programs gain the skills necessary to pursue jobs in many industries. Located in Oak Lawn, IL, and serving the greater Chicago area, Northwestern College makes it easier for students to participate in these career programs by offering a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BBA) degree fully online. With this program, students will gain the proficiency necessary to stand out to local, national, and global employers in the business realm.

Potential Career Options in Business Administration

From organizational planning to financial management, individuals who complete business administration programs develop many vital skills that virtually every business needs to conduct operations and experience growth. Therefore, a BBA degree can set you on the path to numerous rewarding careers.

The following are just some of the occupations that a business administration degree can help you obtain, including their average salaries based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data:

  • Accountant ($77,250): Help businesses with financial tasks, such as taxes and bookkeeping, and serve as a key advisor for financial decisions.
  • Marketing manager ($135,030): Develop marketing plans for businesses, researching trends within the industry to devise campaigns with the most potential for return on investment.
  • Sales manager ($127,490): Oversee the sales team with duties like setting department goals, analyzing sales data, and guiding sales agents.
  • Financial advisor ($94,170): Assist individuals or businesses with money management.
  • Human resources specialist ($62,290): Conduct many of the recruitment tasks for the business, such as interviewing applicants and networking with potential candidates.
  • Market research analyst ($63,920): Investigate and interpret market data to guide the business in making the best decisions with advertising.
  • Loan officer ($63,380): Assess loan applications from individuals and organizations to determine whether they are eligible to receive the loan.

While some skills, such as leadership and effective communication, will be important no matter the role, others will depend on the specific responsibilities of the position. As such, some of these careers may require additional education and certifications, such as a master’s degree in a separate field. Once you gain more experience and attain the necessary qualifications, you may be able to pursue higher-level management or leadership roles within your chosen field.

Business Administration Degree Curriculum

This business administration degree program consists of 181 credit hours, with the tuition rate currently at $300 per credit hour. To pass a class, students must earn a total letter grade of C or higher; otherwise, they will need to repeat the course. Additionally, students must complete all business core courses before registering for specialization classes. The following online classes make up the required credit hours for this BBA degree program:

  • Business core courses: 56 credit hours
  • Concentration courses: 44 credit hours
  • Accounting courses: 12 credit hours
  • Computer courses: 10 credit hours
  • General education courses: 59 credit hours

Students also may choose to enhance their BBA degree by completing the healthcare management concentration. Those who opt for this concentration will take different courses for the concentration aspects, but other coursework remains the same as in the business administration degree.

Outlook for Business Administration Jobs

Since every business requires personnel skilled in guiding operations, jobs for those with BBA degrees are expected to remain steady in the coming years. BLS projects that overall employment in business and finance will grow 7% through 2031, which is about as fast as the average for all jobs. It also finds that an average of 980,200 open positions will be available each year.

These statistics indicate the demand for qualified professionals with a background in business administration is relatively high. By completing the online BBA degree program offered at Northwestern College, students will develop the competency needed to help meet this demand. The following outlines the goals of the program:

Program Goals

  • Provide students with knowledge of the professional components common to business environments
  • Instruct students in the oral, written, and electronic communication skills vital to making professional business decisions
  • Show students how to design and implement strategies for maximizing operational effectiveness in ever-changing business settings
  • Teach students how to recognize and evaluate ethical behaviors in business
  • Help students prepare a capstone business project

Accreditations and Approvals

Northwestern College receives accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission and is approved for veterans training under the G.I. Bill for Veterans Educational Assistance.

In addition, we strive to make higher education more affordable for students by offering financial aid assistance to those who qualify. Students also can take advantage of our career services for help finding jobs upon graduation.

Enroll in the Online BBA Degree Program at Northwestern College

By enrolling in the online business administration degree program at Northwestern College, students learn to meet the challenges of the business world today and tomorrow. With a campus in Oak Lawn, IL, we provide several career programs to help students throughout the greater Chicago area experience professional success. To learn more about the BBA degree program, request information today.