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Transfer Students

I am: A Transfer Student

Transferring Credits Made Conveniently Simple

Make your past experiences work in your favor by becoming a transfer student at Northwestern College. Because we are dedicated to helping our students succeed no matter how they come to us, we have one of the most streamlined and accessible transfer student programs available.

Previous schoolwork, college credits earned at an outside university, advanced high school placement, and even your years working at your current job – you may be eligible to earn credits for the things that have made you who you are today.

That’s how excited we are to have you with us. We want to celebrate all of your accomplishments: past, present, and future.

Advanced Standing at Northwestern College

We know that your life experiences and past education have played an important role in bringing you to this point. All transfer students who feel they meet or exceed core curriculum classes are encouraged to take our Proficiency Examinations.

Proficiency Exams are written tests that look at your knowledge and skill set to determine if you exceed core class requirements.
Other options include our:

  • Advanced Status Examinations, which determine where you will be placed within your class, but do not award college credit.
  • Credit By Examination (CBE), which allows you to test out of a certain course by paying a 25% fee and passing a specialized test in the relevant subject area.
  • Life Experience Credits, which evaluate your life experiences through a written examination.

For more information on your eligibility for these exams and all other advanced standing options, contact the Student Services Department. You can also ask for a complete list of all eligible courses at that time.

Transferring Credits to Northwestern College

Families move. Colleges raise their prices. Professional goals change. Life happens. Fortunately, an interruption to your education doesn’t have to mean an end to your education. In fact, by transferring credits to us, you can often pick up exactly where you left off—or even find yourself ahead of schedule.

Northwestern College is willing to accept credit for classes taken at another school, provided:

  • Credits were earned at an accredited college or university
  • The grade earned is C or higher
  • The class is college level and credit-bearing
  • The class is equivalent to a course taught at NC in the student’s major

Residency Requirements

Degree-seeking and certificate students must complete at least 33 percent of their program in residence at NC.

Additional rules and requirements may apply, so always be sure to sit down with your admissions representative to learn about your options. We want your transition to Northwestern College to be as seamless as possible.


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