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Build a Better Future at Northwestern College

With a student-first approach and focused career education, Northwestern College stands out from traditional chain schools and community colleges around the nation.

Northwestern College

Whether you’re starting on your very first career, trying to change job paths, or looking to advance in your current position, the higher education programs at NC better prepare students for their post-graduate careers by giving them the competitive edge they need for success.

We invite you to begin your journey at Northwestern College today. Build a better future with the educational institution that earned its reputation by shaping the careers of graduates everywhere. We serve students in the greater Chicago area on our campus in Oak Lawn, IL. Our career-focused curriculum gives students the tools they need to reach their goals for the future. Find out more about our programs and how you can begin your journey today.

Career-Oriented Programs in Some of the Fastest-Growing Fields

Certificate Programs

Get trained and ready for a brand-new career in a year or less with certificate programs at NC.

Focus only on the skills you need in the workplace — no general education courses required — so you can get on the job in as short a time as possible. Our certificate programs include:


Associate Degrees

In just two years, gain the skills and knowledge you need to step into growing, in-demand positions in the medical field.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or continuing your certificate-level studies, you can take your career to the next level. Our associate degree programs include:


Bachelor’s Degree

Build on your current education and experience in order to earn your bachelor degree and take on new opportunities.

We’ve designed a curriculum for those students who already have an associate degree in HIT and want to understand healthcare policy, leadership and management on an even deeper level. NC offers an online bachelor’s degree program in: