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National Radiologic Technology Week: What Is It and When Is It?

National Radiologic Technology Week: What Is It and When Is It?

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Radiology offers numerous diagnostic tests, and the images they provide help doctors provide lifesaving treatments. During National Radiologic Technology Week, we honor the inventors, professionals, and students dedicated to this field of study. Northwestern College offers a comprehensive radiologic technology program, and we’re proud to celebrate this special week with our students and faculty. Here, we explain the origins of this celebration, who it honors, and how you can observe it.

What Are We Celebrating?

National Radiologic Technology Week is celebrated every year. It honors the field of radiology and those who have made radical contributions to this specialty. Radiology has made remarkable progress since the discovery of X-rays back in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, who was later a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

As a result of this groundbreaking discovery, X-ray machines were invented. We’ve learned much about the human body and made astonishing advancements in medical technology as a result. Many institutions around the country celebrate this week, and use it as a source of inspiration for their radiologic technology (Rad Tech) students. The timing of this commemorative week comes as a welcome source of rejuvenation in the middle of an academic semester.

When Is Rad Tech Week, and How Can We Observe?

Every year, during the week of November 8, students and working professionals pay homage to those who came before them, reflecting on the history that allowed this field to flourish. The American Society of Radiologic Technologists established National Radiologic Technology Week in 1979. While, initially held from July 22 to 29, it was moved to align with the original date of the discovery of the X-ray.

Celebrating NRTW raises awareness to the groundbreaking advances in technology that have changed the scope of medicine and patient care. Throughout the week, those working in radiologic technology revisit historic discoveries, explore new advancements in technology, and celebrate the ability to better diagnose and treat diseases. And it’s all due in large part to a single impactful discovery. During this week many open houses and seminars are held, and some institutions even offer free courses and fund staff luncheons for their radiology departments.

Radiologic Technology at Northwestern College

At Northwestern College, we deeply appreciate the services provided by radiologic technologists. If you’re interested in joining this field as a professional, what better way to celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week than taking the first step on your educational journey? We offer a comprehensive Associate of Applied Science degree in Radiologic Technology for students interested in pursuing this line of work. Our program prepares students for the services you’ll provide to patients, including:

  • Operation and manipulation of diagnostic medical imaging equipment
  • Correct patient positioning during imaging procedures
  • Application of radiation protection
  • Working with medical teams to evaluate images
  • Acquiring valuable clinical patient histories

Our degree consists of 108 credit hours, and every course is designed to help students gain the skills necessary to fulfill their role in this field. In addition to specialized professional training, students also take courses on communication, social sciences, and life skills. This well-rounded program helps students to empathize with patients, which helps foster a welcoming environment to reduce the stress some patients feel when receiving medical care. For more information about this program or National Radiologic Technology Week, contact Northwestern College today.