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A Healthcare Career as a Medical Assistant

Even though there’s a lot of uncertainty in healthcare these days with what’s going on in Washington, D.C., one thing is undeniable—many of the specialty fields within the industry are poised for serious growth. A position that is well positioned as any other is that of the medical assistant.

A Career in Radiologic Technology

When most people hear the words “radiologic technologist” or “rad tech,” one common misconception is that technologists are simply “button pushers.” However, radiologic technologists do far more than make exposures on patients. They are imaging professionals who play an integral role in surgery, assist radiologists in special procedures, operate mobile radiography units, and assist in […]

Radiologic Technology Degree

Have you ever heard the cliché “you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot”? Sure it’s a little hokey and obvious. But many times, a cliché becomes a cliché because it’s true. Such is the case with this one. Especially when the issue at hand is your career, and your future. You’ve got to […]

A Day in the Life of a Health Information Technician

Interested in a Health Information Technology Degree? When you hear the word “healthcare,” many things can come to mind. It’s a huge profession—one of the few that can honestly say it touches the life of virtually every person living in the United States at one point or another. And anytime you visit a physician’s office, […]

What is Health Information Technology?

Think about the number of people who walk into a hospital, physician’s office, or healthcare clinic every single day. It’s a staggering figure. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Americans turned in more than 922 million physician’s office visits and nearly 126 million hospital outpatient visits in […]

8 Characteristics of a Successful Dental Assistant

If you are considering a career as a dental assistant, there may be many reasons for your decision. The healthcare industry offers some of the most secure, stable, and rewarding jobs in the country. However, if you are going to succeed in your new position, you’ll need to arm yourself with some important skills. Certain […]

7 Things Your Dental Assistant Wants You to Know

Dental assisting is an incredibly important job that provides dentists with in-office and patient help. Dental assistants serve as the first point of contact for new and returning patients. They provide a friendly face to ease worries and also perform a variety of important functions for the dental practice. However, most people don’t know much […]

Stay Calm. Your Dental Assistant is Here.

One of the main reasons that people avoid the dentist is fear.  As a dental assistant, it will be your job to diminish patient fears and help them feel more comfortable. However, making patients feel at ease is much more complicated than simply telling them that everything will be okay. Dental assistants use a variety […]

Faculty Spotlight: Susan Dewar

In honor of Heart Health Month, February’s faculty spotlight is on Northwestern College Associate Professor of Nursing Susan Dewar, MSN, RN, MA, CNE. Susan has been working at Northwestern College for one year and has about 10 years of experience in higher education overall. She brings incredible knowledge to Northwestern College students through her nursing […]

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