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How Dental Health Can Affect Heart Health

When a person has periodontitis, advanced periodontal (gum) disease, the mouth is like a battlefield. Millions of bacteria are fighting their way in, taking shelter in the soft tissues of the gums. Then, they fire their nasty, infectious strains through the blood stream. Initial losses include teeth, which may fall out. Unexpected victims, however, may be […]

8 Characteristics of a Successful Dental Assistant

If you are considering a career as a dental assistant, there may be many reasons for your decision. The healthcare industry offers some of the most secure, stable, and rewarding jobs in the country. However, if you are going to succeed in your new position, you’ll need to arm yourself with some important skills. Certain […]

Faculty Spotlight: Carol Wooten

Our next faculty spotlight is on Carol Wooten, Program Coordinator for the School of Health Sciences and Instructor for the Dental Assisting program at Northwestern College. This program is new to Northwestern College, with the first class starting in April 2017. Carol could not be more excited to utilize her experiences in the dental field, […]

7 Things Your Dental Assistant Wants You to Know

Dental assisting is an incredibly important job that provides dentists with in-office and patient help. Dental assistants serve as the first point of contact for new and returning patients. They provide a friendly face to ease worries and also perform a variety of important functions for the dental practice. However, most people don’t know much […]

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