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Faculty Spotlight: Raj Patel – You CAN Go Home Again

Raj Patel, 2012 graduate of Northwestern College’s Radiologic Technology Program, spent nearly four years working at a major Chicago hospital. He was well into a successful career when the director of the radiography program called and asked if he would like to teach. “I’d never thought about teaching,” Patel says. “I’d thought about doing something […]

A Career in Radiologic Technology

When most people hear the words “radiologic technologist” or “rad tech,” one common misconception is that technologists are simply “button pushers.” However, radiologic technologists do far more than make exposures on patients. They are imaging professionals who play an integral role in surgery, assist radiologists in special procedures, operate mobile radiography units, and assist in […]

Faculty Spotlight: Gary Gruenewald

Gary Gruenewald is the Associate Professor and Clinical Coordinator for Northwestern College’s Radiologic Technology program. Gary has been working at Northwestern College for nine years, with a total of 27 years in higher education overall. Gary actually began his own education at the University of Illinois for pre-dentistry.

Radiologic Technology Degree

Have you ever heard the cliché “you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot”? Sure it’s a little hokey and obvious. But many times, a cliché becomes a cliché because it’s true. Such is the case with this one. Especially when the issue at hand is your career, and your future. You’ve got to […]