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For Employers

Finding skilled, valuable employees is an important part of your workforce development. You want to know that you can trust your new hires to work hard, live up to their promise, and continue to flourish within your organization. You want to feel confident in your employees’ ability to succeed. And you want an employer partnership with a college that provides consistently well-trained graduates you can rely on.

Northwestern College is prepared to assist you in all your job placement needs. We have served Chicago businesses like yours — providing accredited, certified employees in the healthcare field — for over a century. This is a legacy we intend to uphold for just as many years to come.

At Northwestern College, we don’t just teach the students of today — we create the workforce of tomorrow.

Quality Graduates You Can Count On

All of the healthcare training programs at Northwestern College are designed to meet the needs and expectations of employers just like you. We always strive to meet professional accreditation standards and maintain a high level of training that students can carry with them for their entire lifetimes. We also equip our students with the education they need to sit for professional certification exams in their respective fields.

This approach is one that makes us unique among area colleges, and it’s one we’re happy to report has provided us with decades of success. That’s because we aren’t interested in churning out graduates or making money at the expense of our future workforce. Our mission has always been to be a valuable part of the community and to create employer partnerships that are beneficial to everyone involved.

Let Us Make You a Part of Our Employment Assistance Services

Students come to us because they know how committed we are to workforce development and employment assistance. They come expecting a career-focused, hands-on approach to learning that puts them in the driver’s seat. Because of this, they tend to work hard and study harder. They commit to externships in businesses just like yours, knowing that the training you provide is valuable to their futures.

We’d love to include you in our lineup of area businesses who get a first look at our top graduates. If you want access to highly skilled, eager, and certified employees who have nothing but success on the brain, Northwestern College is an ideal place to start your search.

When you’re happy with your Northwestern College graduates, we all succeed. And that’s been our goal from the very start.