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Leadership Team

Linda Weldon

Board Member

Linda Weldon began her career in merchandising with Macy’s just after graduating from college, never imagining that it would take a sharp turn into higher education. Now after a lifetime working in and around colleges and universities (serving as President, Vice President, Executive Director of Education, Campus Director, Instructor, as well as Owner/Administrator of her own institution), “officially” she is retired. “Unofficially”, though, she continues to offer her services to higher education as a consultant, and in 2022 joined the Board of Directors of Northwestern College. Linda brings with her decades of experience in higher education working to set colleges on a course for success, from changes made in the classroom to the administration, to the board room. Over the years she has looked at issues from multiple perspectives and made tough decisions, some of which benefited a single student and others that affected thousands of students at multi-campus institutions.

Linda’s foray into higher education commenced when she brought her merchandising experience into the classroom, providing real-world experience to students. Her years in higher education were spent primarily in Florida, but also in California, Maryland, Missouri, and Illinois.  As a consultant, she worked with various schools and publishers on a contractual basis to assist with curriculum design, new program development, accreditation, and licensure. She has a thorough understanding of the unique issues of proprietary education and has been invited to serve as a board member of multiple foundations, postsecondary organizations, and workforce associations. Her full-faceted expertise on every level of postsecondary education also led to her serving as an Evaluator for the Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools (ABHES) and the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges & Schools (ACICS).

Linda has a BS in Business Administration from Southwest Missouri State and an MA in Educational Administration from California State University.