Bachelor’s Program

Bachelor's Program

Earning your bachelor degree can change the whole trajectory of your career, opening up new opportunities for growth and development. While they often mean a little extra time spent in school and the classroom, the return on investing in a bachelor degree can well be worth it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that bachelor's degree holders had median earnings of $1,248 per week — that $502 more than those with a high school diploma and $361 more than associate degree holders. It makes an impact in unemployment as well, with bachelor degree holders seeing unemployment rates of just 2.2%, compared to 3.7% (high school diploma) and 2.7% (associate degree).

All of this adds up to big gains for you, the student, who are looking to make the most of your future.

Currently, Northwestern College offers:

Health Information Management

Offered fully online for the flexibility and convenience of our students, this program is specifically designed for those who already have previous education or experience in the area of health information technology and want to take what they know to the next level. Learn how to competently manage patient health information and information systems while also meeting the American Health Information Management Association’s standards of quality, integrity, respect, and leadership.

We combine practical, hands-on career training with general education courses that aim to teach you how to communicate effectively, leverage critical thinking skills, demonstrate awareness of and respect for individual social and cultural differences, and conduct yourself in a way that contributes to your personal and professional success. It is this 360-degree approach to your education that gets you on the right path for your future.

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