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What jobs are in Health Information Technology?

The healthcare industry has evolved to meet the demands of today’s patient care needs. Amongst the areas affected by these changes is the health information technology industry. The reason? One of the biggest drivers behind recent changes has been the industry-wide transition to the electronic medical record (EMR), sometimes called an electronic health record (EHR). 

What’s the Best Nursing Degree to Get?

  With the nursing industry booming, we get a lot of questions about the best nursing degree to pursue. Because going into nursing is already such a personal choice, we cannot answer that question for you. However, we can lay out some key distinctions that may help you choose the education that best satisfies your […]

New White Coat Ceremony for Dental Assisting Students

  Northwestern College is always looking for new ways to honor our students and assist them with the transition into the profession they have chosen. Thanks to Dental Assisting Program Director Carol Wooten, Northwestern College has initiated a White Coat Ceremony to acknowledge and honor its Dental Assisting students as they complete the lecture classes […]

Radiologic Technology Degrees

What can you do with a degree in radiologic technology? We’re glad you asked about the outlook for those who graduate with a degree in radiologic technology, as this field presents exciting career opportunities. A lot of your career opportunities come down to your education and training background. The good news is that no matter […]

Three Steps for Increasing Your Entry into Nursing School

To increase your chances of getting accepted into the competitive field of nursing, it’s imperative that you understand today’s admission requirements. Like anything you plan to invest your time and money in, being prepared is of the utmost importance. With this in mind, consider the following steps as you pursue entry into nursing school.

Tips for Postsecondary Education Success

As you enter your postsecondary education, you’re likely to get a lot of advice about ways to succeed. And while it may be easy to feel overwhelmed from competing advice, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure your success in this exciting chapter. Choose a Program That Interests You First and […]

Study Groups = Heightened Academic Performance

Research shows that without doubt, groups saturate academic entities and implicitly impose an influence on outputs of the members of the entities (Henttonen, Johanson, & Janhonen, 2014). However, is there a correlation specifically to the dynamics embedded within study groups toward individual academic success? In fact there is. Studies show that work outputs are more […]

How to Be a Successful Online Student

Through my years advising students, I have seen students achieve success in many ways. Many of these students were successful in completing their ultimate goal of obtaining their degree by using simple techniques. The three techniques I have found to be most beneficial to students are time management, strong study habits, and open communication.

A Promise Kept

Over the years I have heard many speeches in my Effective Speaking classes, some leaving an indelible impression. In 2014, a graduating student gave her final “celebratory speech”. This particular student had previously recounted how she had been bullied in elementary, middle, and high school. The bullies knew that her disability made her “different”. They […]

3 Tried and True Pieces of College Wisdom

Going to college can be an exciting time. Students just graduating from high school, especially, have a newfound sense of freedom and exploration. However, as the quotation goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Some of these freedoms may distract you from the reason you went to college at all — to get an education! Here are […]

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