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How to Be a Successful Online Student

Through my years advising students, I have seen students achieve success in many ways. Many of these students were successful in completing their ultimate goal of obtaining their degree by using simple techniques. The three techniques I have found to be most beneficial to students are time management, strong study habits, and open communication.

Time Management is key to be successful in your courses. We all have responsibilities, like work and family, outside of school that can take up a lot of our time. Therefore, it is important to manage your time to the fullest so you can maintain a good balance between all of your responsibilities.

  • Set aside a specific time daily to devote to your school work
  • Log into your online courses on multiple days throughout the week
  • Use a calendar to plan ahead so you are aware of specific due dates
  • Avoid overloading yourself by doing small tasks throughout the week

Having Strong Study Habits is essential to earning the A’s you want. A few important study habits to get you on track include:

  • Have a quiet place to focus on your studies – avoid distractions like cell phones, TV, and radio
  • Be organized with all your work, using a digital filing system
  • Be prepared and have all items you need easily accessible, ex. calculator, notes, books
  • Utilize resources like tutoring, academic departments, and instructors

Open Communication between yourself, faculty, and staff will make your journey to academic success an easier one. Here are some open communication tips:

  • Check your school email account frequently
  • Know faculty and staff contact information (email, phone numbers)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions