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Five Benefits of Studying Business Administration

Business. It is everywhere. Some may even argue that it makes the world go ’round. In many ways it does, because businesses create the jobs and economic stimulation we depend on for our existence in our civilized society. With this in mind, an education in business administration can be a very valuable asset in the […]

Different Roles of Bookkeepers

Bookkeepers play a vital role in many businesses. Keeping account of all the transactions is crucial especially when tax season comes, and these professionals also help with planning for the future. And planning can play an important part on the business’ success. If you are thinking about starting your studies to become a bookkeeper but […]

The best entry-level jobs in accounting

If you are considering a career as an accountant, you are probably wondering what kind of jobs you can get once you graduate from college. Career options are vast when you become an accountant. You can rest with ease knowing that you will have interesting and challenging alternatives, which can accommodate your strongest skills and […]

Business skills employers look for in candidates

Everyone knows that in order to do a job well you must learn a specific set of skills. If you hope to work in the business world, for example, you will have to learn about economics, marketing and communications. However, people sometimes forget that employers don’t look for only technical knowledge; soft skills are just […]

7 best jobs for business majors in 2017

If you are a prospective student evaluating your career options and looking for something that is dynamic, chances are that a degree in business will be the best choice for you. Business is probably the degree that gives you more career opportunities upon your graduation. You can become an accountant or work in marketing, and […]