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Northwestern College Introduces a New BS Program with two tracks in Business Administration

Business Administration Northwestern College is launching a new Bachelor Program in Business Administration that offers students the opportunity to enroll in one of two tracks – Human Resource Management Specialization Program(HRM specialization) or Logistics & Supply Chain Management (SCM specialization).

The bachelor’s program in Business Administration will begin in January 2018. Students who have previously earned an associate degree can enroll in the two-year program. Even if a student earned an associate degree several years ago or from another college, they can enroll. “As long as they have an associate degree in business administration, it doesn’t matter what track they’re trying to get into. We will honor that degree, and they will start the third year and go on to the fourth year and hopefully finish by then,” says Sheila Roe-Boston, program director. To complete the Bachelor Program in Business Administration, students must have a total of 181 credit hours (including the associate degree courses).

Advantages of enrolling in the bachelor’s program in Business Administration

A big advantage of this program is that all classes are online. “[Online classes] give the students a lot of flexible options,” Boston continues. “If they want to work at 2 in the morning in their pajamas, they can do that – as long as they meet their deadline. They have access to the information 24/7.” Depending on the class, most deadlines are Sunday at midnight, so students just need to have assignments and papers completed and turned in by then. Since many Northwestern College students have part-time or full-time jobs, this flexibility allows them to work while pursuing their education.

Another advantage of the bachelor’s program is what it can do for a student’s future career. “The associate degree really is what I call a ‘door opener.’ It gets you in there to get those entry-level positions, but when you go into the bachelor’s program, now your door has more variety,” Boston says. With a Bachelor of Science degree, a graduate can go into management or supervisory positions. “You have that edge,” she says. “The door widens for you in the workplace.”

“We anticipate some of the classes to be a hybrid,” she says. “Hybrid meaning the main course would be online, but [students] may be required to come in maybe once every two weeks or maybe three Saturdays out of the term, or anyway the instructor sees fit.” This gives students the chance to speak with the instructor face-to-face or to even schedule time with tutors when needed.

The Human Resources Management track

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for human resources managers are expected to grow 9 percent by 2026. As new companies enter the marketplace and other organizations expand, more human resources managers will be needed to plan and oversee employee benefit programs, recruit and hire employees, and handle staffing issues. A BS in Business Administration with HRM specialization helps prepare you for such positions.

The HRM track is ideal for those who prefer more of an administrative environment. “It’s a very general program and opens doors to a lot of opportunities in the workplace,” Boston says. It gives students a very broad base of general business knowledge, along with the in-depth knowledge that is HR-specific. Students will learn about workplace health and safety regulations, organizational behavior and leadership, compensation and benefits, training and development, strategic staffing, and laws affecting employment.

The Logistics/Supply Chain Management track

Students who choose this track should have a desire to work in the transportation industry, warehousing or retail. “Most of our students in any school usually work in retail for a part-time job,” Boston says. “They work in grocery stores, clothing stores. They deal with deliveries. They deal with shipping. They also deal with inventory” That’s logistics, she says, and it is an open field with many possibilities. “When you see ads in papers regarding logistics, you will see that it will say ‘degree in logistics’ – which is not very common – or ‘a business degree.’ This is why I say it opens the door for a lot of opportunity in this area.”

Logistics/SCM is important to businesses everywhere, and the effectiveness of a company’s logistics operation can mean the difference between big profits … or big losses. When you combine the BS in Business Administration with a specialization in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, you not only learn business essentials but also study transportation, purchasing and materials management, transportation economics, production quality and control, and professional sales that all give you a heads- start on the beginnings of an in-demand career.

Program instructors and teaching methods

Because the HRM and Logistics/SCM specialization Bachelor of Science degree programs are new, the instructors are current faculty members. Two classes will be introduced during the first term – the January start date – and two more will be added the next term, and so on as the program grows. “At that time, we’ll be adding more faculty as we see fit,” Boston says.

“We’re trying to make the bachelor’s degree program really interesting and really engaging to the students,” she says. “A lot of our instructors are really innovative when it comes to teaching online.” One records her on-ground classes and makes them available to students online. Northwestern College is also making use of resources already available on the Internet, such as relevant YouTube videos and information from Khan Academy that can help students in lieu of tutoring. “We feel an engaged student is one who will actually learn something and will take it with them,” says Boston.

In addition to specialized coursework and general education courses that lead to the bachelor’s degree, students have the opportunity for an externship in order to obtain hands-on experience.

The affordability of a Northwestern College bachelor’s degree program

“In our realm of colleges, we’re competitive with our rates,” Boston says. “It might be even a little cheaper.” There are many scholarship opportunities as well, but a unique benefit at Northwestern College is its incentive for excellence. “For every five A’s that [students] gets – no matter what term they’re in – they get a $500 break on their tuition.” This goes on throughout their educational program and can amount to considerable cost savings.

Although the bachelor’s program in Business Administration is in its infancy, Northwestern College has great hopes. “I think this is really going to be the pinnacle of Northwestern College,” Boston says. “I’m really excited to be part of offering this program to our students”.

If you are interested in pursuing a BS in Business Administration with HRM or Logistics/SCM specialization, Northwestern College is accepting applications for the January term. Call 888-205-2283 today or apply online.