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How to Become a Dental Assistant

How to Become a Dental Assistant

Did you know that you can become a dental assistant in a matter of months? The key to a speedy success is taking the right steps. To help you become a dental assistant, we’ve mapped out the course you need to follow.

Two Simple Steps

Select an Accredited Program

With 270+ accredited dental assisting programs to choose from, you’re sure to find a school that suits your needs. Available at most community colleges, vocational schools and universities, you can study dental assisting nearly anywhere. There are sometimes even standalone dental schools.

On average, dental assisting programs usually take 9-11 months. Over this relatively short duration, students learn a lot of information. From dental technology and diagnostic procedures to subjects like dental health maintenance, infection control and bedside manner, the end result is a comprehensive education in dental assisting.

Get Certified

Upon graduation, many students opt to take the Registered Dental Assisting (RDA) certification exam offered by American Medical Technologists (AMT). The RDA (AMT) certification is designed to signify entry-level competence in basic dental assisting competencies. Another popular option is the Certified Dental Assistant exam offered through the Dental Assisting National Board.

State certification requirements for dental assisting professionals vary. Additional certifications are also available for students who wish to specialize. Examples include certification in Orthodontic Dental Assistant, Preventive Functions Dental Assistant and Restorative Functions Dental Assistant.

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Northwestern College’s Dental Assisting certificate program provides students with a strong foundation in dental assisting.

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