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How to Become a Registered Nurse

How to Become a Registered Nurse

Whether you’re an LPN looking to advance your career or this is entry into healthcare, becoming a registered nurse (RN) is easy. The key to success is knowing the right steps to take before you ever even enroll.

4 Easy Steps to Becoming an RN

1.  Complete an Accredited Program

Once you’ve decided to become an RN, you’ll need to apply to an accredited nursing program.  At this point, you’ll choose between an associate or bachelor’s degree program. Both options are sufficient. As such, the most important step is assessing your situation and determining which path best aligns with your needs.

For instance, if you’re looking to expedite your education, an associate may be best. It can usually be completed in two years, getting you workplace ready in no time. A bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, is longer. It can lead to a higher-paying salary in the workforce, so weigh your options accordingly.

2.  Pass Your Exam

After graduating from an accredited nursing program, there’s another important step ahead of you. The NCLEX-RN examination is required by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.  With just over a hundred questions and a pass rate of about 75%, most nurses have no trouble achieving this milestone.

3.  Obtain a License

After passing the NCLEX-RN, students must contact the state they wish to practice nursing in to secure their license. Licensure requirements vary state to state. And in many cases, fingerprinting and background checks are part of the process.

4.  Seek Employment

With the growing demand for registered nurses, new graduates often have abundant employment opportunities. Better, many nursing programs work with graduates to guide them through their employment search, providing additional support.

5.  The Work is Never Done

While you can become an RN in four easy steps – the work is never really done. The reason? Learning doesn’t stop after graduation. In addition to the many skills you’ll learn at your new job, RNs are required to fulfill continuing education requirements.

A Nursing Student Today, an RN Tomorrow

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