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NC Champions Support and Guidance – a New Approach to Employment Assistance

NC Champions Support and Guidance – a New Approach to Employment Assistance

Northwestern College was founded in 1902 with the mission to provide career-focused education in areas with high demand jobs. Over 100 years later, the two pillars that made NC great are still our strongest assets: education and career services.

Whether you’re interested in Medical Assisting, Health Information Technology, Nursing, or any of our other curricula, each program offers its own professional development course provided to students, instructed by program experts that have built their own resumes in that same field of study. These professional development courses are designed to help you seamlessly transition from the classroom to the job market, with guidance in resume building, interviewing, and soft skills – just to name a few.

In the past year, we’ve created an entire digital platform for our students and graduates to utilize the full breadth of these career services: a network of blogs, relevant job openings, resume templates, and much more. In fact, each program of study has its own jobs page listing dozens of local job listings for its graduates which are updated weekly. Many of our graduating students find employment with their externship providers after demonstrating their abilities to convert what they learned in the classroom to real life experience in the field. Many students also get recommended for specific opportunities before they hit the job listings.

At Northwestern, we don’t think of ‘job placement’ as an ugly word, but it’s so much more than that. Not only are you getting equipped with an education to better your livelihood, you’re also getting a support system for life. Just this past year, we had a graduate from the class of 1997 inquire about career services for a program that we haven’t offered for years. Nonetheless, we were able to assist them in preparing their first resume in over twenty years, just as we would for any other graduate in our current programs.


Looking for a rewarding new career in the field of medicine? Visit our programs page for more information on the many degree and certificate programs offered at Northwestern College.