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Preparing for a Career Fair

A career fair is an excellent opportunity to meet several employers, face-to-face, and to ultimately find a job. It is a great time saver, meaning you can talk to dozens of hiring employers under one roof within a very short time span. There are several things you can do to prepare for a career fair and to ensure your success including:

Things to bring:

    • Professional attire-remember first impressions are lasting impressions. Wear a suit.
    • Copies of your resume (discreetly in a folder or briefcase)
    • Copy of the list of recruiting employers-check off the ones you want to see and do some research on those companies

Things to do:

  • Have an idea of the companies you should visit first
  • Know your opening lines or elevator speech: a short speech about what you do and what you are looking for


“I am graduating this June with an associate degree in Criminal Justice, and through my externship experience with the Oak Lawn Police Department, I am looking for a police officer position.”

“I am graduating this June with an associate degree in Medical Assisting and I would like to utilize the clinical skills I have gained during my externship in a Medical Assistant position with your healthcare facility.”

“I am graduating in June with an associate degree in Nursing and through my clinical experience with Little Company of Mary Hospital, I am anxious to apply those skills in a Nursing position within your organization.”

Sample questions to ask companies at the Career Fair:

  • “What type of positions do you have open now?”
  • “What type of skill sets are you looking for in entry-level positions?”
  • “Are there specific career tracks in this organization?”
  • “What is the next step after the Career Fair?”

Things to do after the Career Fair:

  • Follow up with any contacts you make by emailing or mailing a hand-written thank you note to the recruiter
  • Apply online for the position, mentioning you met the recruiter at the Career Fair


Northwestern College is hosting a Career Fair on Thursday, May 14 from 9:30 am-12:00 noon. The event is free to ALL Northwestern College students, alumni and to the general public. Remember to dress professionally and bring plenty of resumes.