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Taking CARE of Patients in Radiology

Consistency, Accuracy, Responsibility and Excellence or CARE in Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy is a bill that was introduced to the House of Representatives in March 2013. While the bill is fairly new, the momentum behind it has been growing over time. Professionals in the radiologic sciences have been pushing for this bill for ten years.

The bill is straightforward compared to other bills. The CARE bill simply wants to improve patient care by ensuring that members of our profession are prepared through formal education and experience to deliver the highest level of patient care possible.

Patient care has always been the main focus in radiologic technology curriculums. No matter how advanced the technical skills are or how knowledgeable a technologist may be when it comes to anatomy and physiology or positioning for exams, the technologist must be comfortable and capable of dealing with the human element.

The patient is a human who is in a vulnerable position. They come to us when they are scared and unsure of what is happening to them. They may have been caught up in the sometimes cold world of medicine for quite a while. Nevertheless, when they come to radiology, we need to greet them with compassion and understanding.

Does there need to be a law in place to make us understand that this is the way it must be done? No, but a law would keep us and future professionals accountable to the public we serve and assure the public that we are serious, caring, and professional.

The bill is supported by members of the profession and has no opposition in the House of Representatives. Rarely is there a bill that so many can agree upon, but when it comes to the care of people, there can be nothing expected less than CARE demands.