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What Can You Do With a Business Degree?

What Can You Do With a Business Degree?

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No matter where you’re looking to go in life, a degree in business can help you get there. Business degrees are especially important because they offer a great amount of flexibility, allowing you to investigate fields and be a part of organizations you probably didn’t even know existed. The world needs those who can lead, manage funds, and effectively research, which is why you should consider joining the business administration associate degree program at Northwestern College in Oak Lawn, IL, serving the greater Chicago area. Let’s look at what a business administration degree can mean for your future.

The Skills You’ll Learn

Because there are so many avenues to take when it comes to being a business professional, a solid foundation is important. Whether you’re interested in working the numbers, analyzing marketing trends, or even hiring new employees and managing company policies, an associate degree in business can lay the groundwork for your career path.

Through an associate program like the one at Northwestern College, students learn to analyze ethical behaviors within a business setting, understand effective methods of interaction with team members, and learn common professional components within the business world. They also hone essential problem-solving skills and learn to effectively communicate business decisions in oral, written, and electronic forms.

Collectively, this general knowledge can serve as a stepping stone that allows you to become employed without leaving you too focused on any specific line of work. This means you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to different business settings and business-related positions, even if you change jobs in the future.

At Northwestern College, students take a wide selection of classes to acquire these skills, including the following:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Business Law I
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business and Professional Ethics

Our school offers plenty of other interesting courses to help you succeed, which you’ll find in our college catalogs.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Business Degree?

Becoming a business major is the first step toward working in a wide range of different sectors, including leadership roles, financial positions, and more. Here are a few business administration jobs you may apply for with this type of associate degree:

Administrative Assistant

This job helps you get acquainted with day-to-day administrative tasks, helping you build a bond with your team while gaining skills and experience. You’ll usually work for an individual or a department, managing appointments, phone calls, and filing. While work environments may be fast-paced, they don’t have to be traditional corporate settings because non-profits and small businesses also need these professionals.

Computer Support Specialist

With technology being so important in today’s business world, computer support specialists offer customer assistance to people around the world. This is a great career path for anyone who likes working with technology and helping people.

Human Resources Manager

If you’re interested in hiring and training processes, look into human resources. These positions involve working with both management and employees within the company and dealing with compliance issues, requests for medical leave, and other important employee-related issues.

Business Content Writer

If you want a job that lets you flex your creative muscles, consider content writing. These positions involve creating engaging and informative pieces that help businesses and customers find each other. An understanding of marketing practices will help you find success, and if you want greater flexibility, you can look into freelance writing.

Sales Manager

The sales department is the key to driving any business forward. As a sales manager, you’ll work with your team to help reach company goals, go over revenue insights, and more. This position often allows for bonuses and special compensation, which is great for motivated individuals looking to go above and beyond.

Find Success at Northwestern College

Wherever you are in life, striving for a better professional future is important. The dedicated and enthusiastic instructors at Northwestern College are ready to help you on your journey into the business world. We’re located in Oak Lawn, IL, and serve the greater Chicago area. If you’re ready to take the first step, request info today.