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Library Services

Our library features computers, copiers, calculators and other services for students during the course of their program.

The Oak Lawn campus library computers have the Oasis catalog, internet access, journal, and research databases, and have MS Office products. Printing from the computers is tied to your Moodle user account and you can use these computers anytime for research or personal use. Just remember to sign in first; we just want to keep track of how often the computers are used.

You can bring your own laptop or tablet into the library. We have free WiFi that you can access with your Moodle login information.

Copying from the computers is tied to your Moodle user account.

The Oak Lawn library has headphones available for use in the library. You just need to give your student ID to the library staff and you can use the headphones.

Oak Lawn has a study room, which can be used anytime either individually or with a group. The room can be reserved in advance if needed.

The Library features a monthly theme and a corresponding display at the Oak Lawn campus. There are often special displays as well.

We encourage students, faculty, and staff to view our displays.