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Health Information Management: What Employers Are Looking For

Health Information Management: What Employers Are Looking For

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There are few careers more rewarding than those in healthcare. Providing quality care for people in need not only helps make the world a better place but also offers a stable and exciting career. As technology becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, health information management (HIM) jobs have become an increasingly popular career choice.

At Northwestern College in Oak Lawn, IL, students throughout the greater Chicago area obtain an outstanding education and the tools and resources needed to thrive as health information managers. Consider what this position has to offer and what you will need to succeed.

Understanding Health Information Management

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities need an efficient way to track important patient information. From a record of the patient’s symptoms to their X-rays or lab test results to their full medical history, it is vital that doctors and nurses easily access this information when needed. Considering this is private patient data, however, it is also crucial that this data remains protected.

Health information managers are tasked with acquiring, analyzing, and protecting both traditional and digital medical information. Whether working in a smaller private practice or a large, busy hospital, this position helps healthcare workers and patients get the most out of each visit. Health information managers also classify diseases and treatments, helping to ensure that they are standardized, which is vital from a legal and financial perspective.

Key Aspects for Pursuing Health Information Management Jobs

Health information managers have an important role in the medical field, and it requires a certain level of education and special skill for you to excel in this position. Some requirements for the job are:


HIM professionals will need an associate or bachelor’s degree. Your course load will involve a wide range of important subjects, including:

  • Healthcare Communications
  • Biomedical Research Support and Ethics
  • Information Governance
  • Database Architecture and Queries
  • Healthcare Financial Administration I and II

Northwestern College allows students to learn these invaluable skills in traditional classroom settings or through online classes, which is ideal for those who need an education that fits their schedule. You can also sit for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) exam for Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) to gain additional certification.


Because health information management involves logging important data, effective communication is paramount. You often need to be a bridge between staff and administrators and will be tasked with helping colleagues create strategic plans to ensure patients get the best available care. You may also need to communicate with insurance companies, IT professionals, and similar personnel within a given workday.

Ability to Adapt

While you generally need to learn many skills when starting a new position, working as a health information manager offers a unique challenge. You will continue to learn year after year, following new regulations and exploring new advancements in technology. Those eager for professional development are sure to enjoy the ever-evolving nature of this career.


In the medical field, you will be working closely with sensitive patient information. Employers and patients depend on your ability to maintain the accuracy and confidentiality of this data. Logging the wrong information in a patient’s file could result in legal complications for the healthcare facility.

In short, to ensure this information stays protected, you must operate with the utmost integrity. Patients need peace of mind that this data stays secure, and doctors want to avoid these types of issues. Trustworthiness is an essential characteristic of health information managers.

Enroll at Northwestern College Today

Health information management jobs provide an exciting and challenging work environment that will help you grow as a professional. Located in Oak Lawn, IL, and serving the greater Chicago area, Northwestern College features educators dedicated to helping students thrive in the classroom and beyond. Not only will you obtain fundamental knowledge of the position, but you will also get help developing soft skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving. We even offer career services that help current students prepare for the working world and recent graduates find jobs.

With the employment of health information managers projected to rise at a meteoric rate, there will be an increasing demand for this exciting field. If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling in our bachelor’s program, request information today.