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Career Services

Career Assistance

The Office of Career Development and Alumni Relations is committed to supporting students and alumni in searching and acquiring employment in their field of study. We assist students, graduates, and alumni in developing job search skills and providing opportunities for them to meet with recruiting businesses that may help them attain their career goals.

Students are encouraged to participate in workshops and events offered by the career services staff and given opportunities to interact with recruiting companies each quarter on and off campus. The more students interact with other professionals and participate in their professional communities, the more prepared they will be to gain employment.

NC is also proud to offer a new Career Services Website! If you have not yet secured employment, or you are interested in seeing what other job options are out there in your career field, check in weekly to see the updated positions posted. This new site has been designed exclusively to assist you with finding employment upon the completion of your programs.

The Career Services Website (CSW) includes:

The CSW is monitored weekly to keep the information fresh and to post new employment opportunities while deleting the ones no longer available.

Career Services Early in a Student’s Academic Career

As soon as their new student orientation, students are introduced to the services offered by the Office of Career Development and Alumni Relations. Further on in their program, students enroll in the Professional Development class where they hone their career search skills by producing documents like resumes and covers and practice applying for positions electronically.

Students’ Responsibilities

Students are ultimately responsible for their own job search and for securing career-related employment.

Those responsibilities include:

  • Creating and executing a job search plan
  • Making and keeping appointments with career services staff and employer recruiters
  • Updating career documents, such as resumes, with life changes such as shifting career goals, updated employment status, current mailing and email addresses, and an up-to-date phone number
  • Actively searching for jobs, which includes attending networking and industry related events, calling potential employers, applying for jobs, and following up on those applications
  • Dressing appropriately for all company visits, including the interview, and arriving to all scheduled meetings and interviews on time
  • Calling to reschedule all appointments, both on and off campus, that students cannot attend