Associate Programs

Associate Programs

An associate degree is an excellent way to receive a well-rounded college education that still gets you out of the classroom and into the workforce as quickly as possible. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning your associate degree can mean taking home an extra $141 every week (over $7,300 annually) compared to those who just have a high school diploma. Associate degree holders also experience an unemployment rate a full percentage point less. At Northwestern College, our associate degrees combine quality, hands-on training in the career skills you'll need with strategic general education courses that help you realize your full potential.

You can choose from programs like:

Radiologic Technology

Learn the radiology techniques, procedures, and equipment that can help in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, diseases, illnesses, and more.


Become a part of caring for your community by studying the foundational knowledge and skills and combining that with principles of logic, ethics, and human compassion in a career as a nurse.

Health Information Technology

Combine skills in healthcare, administration, and information management in order to collect, analyze, and report on medical data used for patient care and reimbursement.

If you already have previous college and/or work experience, some or all of those previous credits and experience might be transferrable toward your chosen program. On top of that, you can use an associate degree as a building block, applying it toward bachelor degree programs in the future.

If you're interested in talking to an advisor about whether Northwestern College associate degree programs are right for you, contact us today.