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It’s Never Too Late to Go Back to School

This is a common scenario. A student has been out of school for a few years (or many years) and he or she is very nervous about returning to obtain a degree. I am here to tell you that it’s never too late to continue with your education. I returned to school after being out for 20 years. After one year of juggling school, family, and work I was burned out so I decided to take a year off. Well, one year turned into two and two years turned into three. Suddenly it occurred to me that I would lose credit for the courses I had already taken if I didn’t get back to school. I returned and finished my degree at the age of 47. I worried about paying off my student loans before I collected my first Social Security check.

It wasn’t easy.   Older students have their own set of problems to deal with. Many of us have children, grandchildren, and aging parents to take care of. Imagine having to find day care for a 4 year old and an 87 year old at the same time. Older students also have to deal with the fact that memory fades with age. It is harder for many of us to retain facts and figures. But older students also have advantages. Most of us have learned time management skills from having to juggle so many responsibilities. We have also learned strategies for remembering things (thank you sticky notes). Older students often feel out of place in a classroom of so many young people. Let me assure you that most of the students (and certainly the instructor) appreciate the contributions you can make to the class.

So now that I am finished and my student loan is paid off, what am I doing? I am returning for another degree of course. I am not going for an advanced degree in my field, but in a totally different area. I am thoroughly enjoying this new endeavor. No, I am not crazy. I’m just the perfect example of it’s never too late.