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Our Dental Assistant Graduates Find Jobs Fast

Our Dental Assistant Graduates Find Jobs Fast

Closeup of career services professional helping student to craft resume

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for dental assistants is projected to grow 8% from 2021 to 2031, which is faster than the average for all occupations. There are several reasons why so many individuals choose to pursue a career as a dental assistant, including several benefits of the profession itself. While the job outlook for dental assistants is positive, it’s also becoming an increasingly competitive field.

Dedicated to the success of our students, Northwestern College boasts outstanding job placement rates for graduates of our dental assistant certificate program. Here, we detail the work of our career services department and how we help graduates find jobs as dental assistants.

Helping Our Students and Graduates

Northwestern College strives to prepare and empower our diverse student body to pursue their professional goals. We accomplish this by offering career-focused programs led by experienced instructors and career prep. The ways we help students and graduates prepare for their futures include:

Resume and Cover Letter Guidance

Resumes and cover letters are a great way to showcase your career experience and achievements to a potential employer. While a resume and cover letter that are well thought out may not guarantee you a job, they can certainly provide you with an opportunity to secure one. Our career services department works closely with students and graduates to craft a professional resume based on the position they wish to apply for.

Interview Prep

The most important step in landing a job is the interview. Being prepared for your interview can be the difference between being comfortable during the process and being visibly nervous. To help students and graduates make a lasting impression, our career services department offers interview practice. We conduct mock interviews with students and graduates and recreate scenarios they will most likely face. Based on their answers, we provide guidance and offer suggestions on how they can improve.

Career and Job Fairs

One of the most effective ways we help our students and graduates secure rewarding careers is by providing plenty of opportunities for exposure to potential employers. During a career fair, students, graduates, and alumni can make meaningful connections with employees at companies they wish to work for. This networking opportunity is a great way to land interviews, exchange information, and get a sense of the company culture at various organizations.

Search for Job Openings

The career services department at Northwestern College is constantly scouring new openings for students based on their career goals and preferred field. We also educate students and graduates on critical job-searching skills so they know what to look for in a potential employer and how to go about applying for open positions.

Become a Dental Assistant at Northwestern College

Located in Oak Lawn, Illinois, and serving the greater Chicago area, Northwestern College provides students with the opportunity to pursue a meaningful career as a dental assistant. Our dental assistant program combines traditional classroom learning with real-life experience to better prepare students and is led by experienced instructors who are dedicated to the success of their students. While enrolled in the program, students are encouraged to take advantage of the professional opportunities provided by our career services department. To learn more about our dental assistant program, contact our admissions team to request information today.