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Why an Externship Is Important in Becoming a Medical Assistant

Why an Externship Is Important in Becoming a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Student

Medical assistant training involves completing a comprehensive educational program designed to prepare you for a career in the healthcare industry. Much of what you learn in the classroom has real-world applications, and while you may have labs or other forms of hands-on training, your program’s externship is integral to professional development. This requirement lets you apply the academic aspect of your program to the job you’re training for. Here, Northwestern College describes what an externship is and the benefits it provides to your future.

Building Your Resume and Professional Network

An externship is one of the best things you could use to add viable experience to your resume, especially when you’re submitting job applications to a variety of employers. When the hiring manager or interviewing team spots this portion of your training on a resume, it lets them know that you’ve dedicated time and attention to the industry prior to full-time employment. Also, an externship is unpaid, making this experience all the more impressive.

Your externship is a great place to network, as well. Having a supervisor listed as a trusted reference for this experience can provide you with a big leg up on the competition. Many students at Northwestern College are hired directly from their externship. Because this on-site training orientates students to the extern facility prior to hiring, it’s often considered free training for the organization.

What’s more, you’ll learn firsthand about workplace conduct that you’ll be expected to uphold in a professional setting. Although this seems like something you would learn in the first few weeks of the job, having this prior experience puts you one step further in your career journey.

Furthering Your Career Options

Another major benefit to a medical assistant externship is that it exposes you to job specializations you may have been unaware of previously. This newfound industry knowledge can put you on a track you never knew you wanted, opening up a whole new avenue of potential jobs and interests. Additionally, it allows you to gauge how well you’ll fit into the position and the industry at large. The ability to apply both hands-on skills and the knowledge you acquire in school is the best way to fully understand the position you’re interested in making a career out of.

All of the extern sites for Northwestern College students are affiliated through contract with our institution, and we have more than 50 sites available. Our medical assisting program externship coordinator is responsible for placing and tracking students in the program.

Forming Long-Lasting Business Relationships

During your externship, you’ll have the chance to ask questions that come to mind pertaining to the work. Oftentimes, the professionals you’re working alongside have in-depth, actionable knowledge that provides another perspective to what you’re being taught in the classroom. Plus, the people you learn from in your externship can serve as mentors for a long time to come, providing continued assistance and possibly even a professional reference for a new job.

Learn More about Medical Assistant Externships Today

At Northwestern College, an externship is a required part of our medical assistant training certification program. You’ll receive a combination of academic and hands-on training, which you’ll then get to test out in a professional setting. The externship takes place towards the end of your certification, so you can rest assured that you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed to successfully carry out the duties expected of you. Contact us today to learn more about medical assistant training.