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Best Questions to Ask When Applying for College

Best Questions to Ask When Applying for College

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If you’ve scheduled an interview with a college admissions counselor, it’s important to have a series of questions prepared so you can learn as much as possible during the interview. At Northwestern College, our admissions counselors are well-equipped with facts and knowledge about our institution and will gladly answer any questions you may have. Here, we suggest questions to ask your college admissions counselors.

What Academic Programs Are Available?

First things first — what will you major in? If you had a favorite class or school subject in high school, ask the admissions counselor if the school has any programs that line up with your academic interests. You may also have specific career goals already in mind that could make certain programs better suited for you than others. The answer to this question should provide you with information on the courses available for a specific academic major and give a clear image of the program’s course load.

At Northwestern College, we offer several certifications and degrees, including:

Can I Access Financial Aid?

If you require financial assistance to attend school, Northwestern College works with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Prior to applying for financial aid, you’ll need to create a FAFSA ID and complete its application process. In addition to FAFSA funding, we offer a variety of scholarships and assistance programs that you may qualify for. Use our School Code 012362 on your FASFA application.

Does Northwestern College Offer Student Support?

You should also make it a point to learn about the academic support opportunities offered. Whether this is one-on-one tutoring sessions or larger, student-led study groups, it’s important to use every tool at your disposal in the pursuit of your certificate or degree. At Northwestern College, we provide you with a Student Success Coach, who will help you through your first quarter at our institution. During this time, you’ll develop an academic success plan designed to facilitate your success in our programs.

What Is Campus Life Like?

If you plan to attend college on-campus, ask your admissions counselor about the campus environment and what the social scene looks like. The campus at Northwestern College provides our students with several impressive facilities to further their education, including medical, radiography, and dental labs. Our campus is also easily accessible by bus via the PACE public transportation system and there is parking for more than 500 cars, so you never have to worry about getting to class on time.

Meet with Our Admissions Counselors Today

At Northwestern College, our admissions office can provide answers to these questions and more. During the application process, you can expect to undergo a placement exam as well as a series of interviews, during which you can ask our college admissions counselors any questions you may have. Contact us today in Oak Lawn, Illinois, for more information.