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Why Is It Advantageous to Begin a New Career at the Start of a New Year

Why Is It Advantageous to Begin a New Career at the Start of a New Year

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While there’s no perfect time to make a major career switch, January is an appealing point in the year for a fresh start. The New Year brings a renewed sense of possibilities, making it easier to get into a growth mindset and feel ready for change. It’s also often the ideal time for companies to increase their hiring efforts to meet upcoming goals. Here, Northwestern College explores the advantages of beginning a new healthcare career at the beginning of the year.

New Year, New Budget

At the start of a new year, hiring managers have a fresh budget in hand and are typically looking to hire new employees. This may be because hiring tasks got pushed back during the holiday season or the company has a new set of goals in mind to fuel growth initiatives during the upcoming year. If they’re looking to address ever-evolving needs, you could see many positions opening up in your area of expertise in January or February.

The End of Holiday Vacations

The fall and early winter offer families a bunch of vacation opportunities. As the end of the holiday season, January is a time when everyone’s settling back into their roles at work and company processes are resuming as usual. It’s also a time when decision-makers are most often present, making it easier for companies to reach a verdict on any prospects that have recently applied for open positions. To ensure your application doesn’t get pushed to the side during the busiest time of the year, waiting until January could be your best bet.

Making a Difference through Meaningful Work

Many people switch careers to achieve a higher level of satisfaction in their professional life and ensure there’s room for growth in the future. As a diverse field, healthcare careers are routinely in demand and provide several opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Health-related fields are challenging, but there are many ways employees can grow professionally and find positions they find personally rewarding, including:

In terms of healthcare careers, these are just a few of the opportunities available that offer a high level of flexibility. From private practices to hospital facilities, you could find yourself in highly engaging environments. What’s more, many students have the potential to complete healthcare certification programs in a year or less. This makes switching to a medical field from another area of expertise an appealing option for job seekers who are interested in making a meaningful change in the near future.

Online Programs Make Switching Easier

Thanks to modern technology, learning extends beyond the classroom. While it may seem highly challenging to switch careers while balancing your professional and personal responsibilities, online college classes make this endeavor easier. Working students can receive the education they need on a timeline that works best for them without putting their current job on hold. Online programs are crafted with the same high standards as in-person programs, helping to ensure each student gains the skills they need to prepare for their future.

If you’ve been thinking about beginning a new career, the upcoming year might be the right time for you to make a change. Serving the Greater Chicago area from our campus in Oak Lawn, IL, Northwestern College offers several well-rounded programs for students. Connect with us today for more information about advancing your education and starting a new career in a health-related field.