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Why It Makes Sense to Pursue an Online Business Degree

Why It Makes Sense to Pursue an Online Business Degree

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When you earn an online business degree, it demonstrates interest, initiative, and resourcefulness. Many students must balance classwork with a demanding job and active family responsibilities. Others attend online classes due to health challenges or other obligations. Either way, this kind of dedication to advancing business knowledge and developing workplace skills appeals to employers.

With a fully online program, students can earn a business administration degree at Northwestern College, based in Oak Lawn, IL, and serving the greater Chicago area. Here, we discuss how pursuing an online business degree can make sense for your goals.

Practical Foundation for Career Success

Northwestern College offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Business Administration. We also offer a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree fully online. Both programs are fully online which allows students to gain a practical foundation in business skills without commuting to the campus. The business degree programs offers a diverse curriculum of both general education courses and business courses to create a well-rounded educational experience.

The online business degree curriculum at Northwestern College provides a solid, practical foundation for many different careers in business administration. Administrative business professionals work in every aspect of a company or organization, including production, inventory, operations, management, marketing, quality control, human resources, and sales. Graduates who hold associate degrees can open doors to new careers or Those who successfully complete our business administration degree are equipped to gain work experience in a variety of economic sectors.

Classes That Fit Your Schedule

Our online associate degree program in business requires the completion of 92 credit hours. The classes are online which gives students the flexibility to work on the coursework when it’s convenient for them. Our diverse curriculum contains a mix of important skills and theory courses. Successful graduates can understand basic economic concepts, communicate well, and perform vital business functions. The associate degree in business administration program at Northwestern College includes the following classes:

  • Business law
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human resource management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Business ethics
  • Accounting
  • Spreadsheets and databases
  • Computer information systems

Our online associate degree program prepares students for effective interactions in business environments, analyzing the ethics of business behaviors, and solving business problems.

The business administration bachelor’s degree program consists of 181 credit hours. The following online classes make up the required credit hours for this BSBA degree program:

  • Business core courses: 56 credit hours
  • Concentration courses: 44 credit hours
  • Accounting courses: 12 credit hours
  • Computer courses: 10 credit hours
  • General education courses: 59 credit hours

Discover Your Passion for Business

Your online business degree can be a gateway to many different business careers. Employers want and need to hire people who are versed in business basics, have introductory skills in accounting, and proficient in excel. Graduates may find employment in human resources departments or managing inventory in a mail-order business. By being able to fit into so many kinds of organizations and areas, our graduates can gain experience working in a variety of settings, and this can inform their career moves. Whether they stay with one company and move up the management ladder, proceed to invest in additional education, or start ventures as entrepreneurs, our online business degree programs enable graduates to find their passion for business.

Earn an Online Business Degree Today

Northwestern College online classes are designed to help students gain employable skills and achieve career success. Employers are looking for students who demonstrate time management skills and are highly motivated.  Our online students work and balance many other responsibilities while on their educational journey.  Does working in business appeal to you? Request information about our degree programs in business administration today.