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Why Medical Billing and Coding Specialists Are in High Demand

Why Medical Billing and Coding Specialists Are in High Demand

Medical billing and coding specialist analyzes spreadsheets on two computer screens

Two healthcare specialties that go together, billing and coding, are necessary for medical operations. Without billing and revenue cycles, providers and practitioners do not get paid. Accurate coding is required for aggregate medical data used in research. Individual patient care is also affected by these medical classification codes entered into their electronic medical record.

These two health information technology practices underlie both the availability and profitability of healthcare services in the United States. Discover more about medical billing and coding, and why a career in this field may be for you, from Northwestern College, serving students in Oak Lawn, IL, and the greater Chicago area.

Start a Career in Medical Billing and Coding

There are differences between medical billing and coding, and career paths may emphasize one function over the other. However, many job roles involve an understanding of medical coding classification systems, as well as health information technology. Medical billers and coders, and other types of medical records specialists, find work in a variety of healthcare settings, including:

  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitals
  • Physician offices
  • Senior homes and facilities
  • Research enterprises
  • Universities and medical centers

A health information technology degree, along with a specialization in medical billing and coding functions, can lead the way to several different positions. Here are some health information technology jobs related to medical billing and coding:

  • Medical records coding technician
  • Enrollment manager
  • Billing supervisor
  • Medical billing specialist/clerk
  • Medical claims processor
  • Medical coding manager/auditor
  • Medical secretary
  • Research associate
  • Medical transcriber
  • Medical office manager
  • Medical assistant

As medical billing and coding specialists gain experience in the healthcare space, or a chosen subspecialty or field, career advancement is possible. Electronic health records are an important source of data that influences legislation, treatment options, price points, drug manufacturing, and many other factors that affect public health.

Earn Your Certification in Medical Coding

It’s no surprise that information technology is integral to any healthcare delivery system. Aptitude with computers and software, understanding of medical terminology and coding, and literacy with healthcare statistics are all required for smoothly functioning healthcare operations.

Northwestern College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Technology. Under the umbrella of healthcare information technology, students at Northwestern College can earn a medical coding specialist certificate. Available as part of the associate degree program, this certification confirms this important skill set and opens job opportunities in medical coding and billing occupations.

We Help Health Information Technology Students Succeed

Our expertise in providing hands-on healthcare training includes the subjects of medical billing and coding. After two years of training in healthcare information technology, you will have the qualifications necessary to begin your journey toward an interesting career that helps patients every day.

The associate degree program covers basic liberal arts classes, including composition, mathematics, and effective speaking. It also introduces students to medical terminology, human anatomy, health data statistics, database skills, medical ethics, psychology, pharmacology, and coding classification systems. In addition, we use the latest technology, having developed our program in conjunction with Chicago-area hospitals and medical centers.

The program requires externships that place students in working environments, giving them a chance to explore their preferences and network in the area. The career services department at Northwestern College is also available to help all students develop resumes and interview skills. These career professionals also hold career fairs and help students with job search databases and advice.

Explore Opportunities in Health Information Technology

Healthcare is growing, and so are opportunities for graduates of the health information technology degree program. Students who hold a medical billing and coding certificate from Northwestern College are ready to make positive contributions in the healthcare sector. We serve Oak Lawn, IL, and the greater Chicago area. Request information to explore the educational options at Northwestern College today.