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New Campus in Oak Lawn, IL

New Campus in Oak Lawn, IL

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At Northwestern College, we believe change is vital to a dynamic learning experience that opens students up to more possibilities. For this reason, we are proud to announce our new campus at 9400 S. Cicero Ave., Oak Lawn, Illinois, 60453, just 7 miles from the original Bridgeview campus. Discover the details of this transition, the benefits of the new location, and how the move affects students from Northwestern College.

Updated Campus Facilities

Northwestern College secured the three-story building and garden level at 9400 S. Cicero Ave. to renovate for its new campus, all except for a small segment of the ground level that temporarily belongs to Fifth Third Bank & ATM. Once the whole construction is complete, all four levels of the building will include the following facilities:

  • Classrooms and laboratories
  • Computer labs
  • A library
  • Student lounges and study areas
  • Easily accessible Offices for key services (Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Services)
  • Administration and faculty offices

Besides the updated classrooms, one of the most impressive features of the new campus are the student lounges. These areas offer tables, couches, chairs, and ample space for students to study quietly, collaborate on projects, or relax and socialize.

Timeline of Campus Renovation

Reconstruction on the first two levels of the building finished on August 1, 2022. This portion represents 85% of the classrooms, labs, and student areas.

With this aspect complete, the focus shifted to the garden level with the library, student lounge, and additional classrooms. Construction on the library and classrooms came first, followed by the student lounge and open areas. Construction of the garden level is ongoing, and Northwestern College hopes to have it completed soon.

The third floor is also being refurbished to create an office space for administration and faculty. When this floor is ready, students will have more immediate and in-person access to their instructors and staff members for administrative needs. The completion date for this stage of the renovation is still tentative, but Northwestern College will continue to update students and the community on its progress.

Finally, when the Fifth Third Bank moves out and into their new facility (currently under construction on 95th in Oak Lawn, renovations will commence to move the main entrance of the campus to the Cicero Avenue side with Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Services, and Student Accounts all on the same level and easily accessible for all students! All parking will revert to NC for students and faculty in all area parking lots at the 9400 S. Cicero Avenue building.

Preparing Northwestern College Students for the Switch  

Throughout the move, Northwestern College has maintained consistent communication with students to ensure they are aware of changing developments. In early 2022, the entire student body was notified about the transition and how it would affect their education. Once construction started, Northwestern College created videos and compiled images of the demolition and architectural plans to keep students abreast of the continuing progress.

Once moving day approached, students learned about the summer quarter — it would begin online and shift to in-person classes when the final touches on the building were complete. Instructors would share any delays with students, while the Chief Academic Officer would relay more important concerns. On August 1st, the staff and faculty were excited to welcome the students to the new campus for classes and labs.

Admissions updated incoming and prospective students about the move, detailing the amenities at the new campus. These students could either enroll when the transition ended or begin classes temporarily at the Bridgeview campus or online.

As students adjust to the new campus, Northwestern College will continue monitoring the move’s success for at least one year. To ensure the campus meets the vision of providing the most comfortable, efficient, and productive learning environment for students, we will collect suggestions from students, faculty, and staff on areas needing improvement.

Why Students Will Appreciate the New Campus

Any transition can be challenging at first, especially for returning students accustomed to the layout at the previous campus. However, the new campus offers several benefits that ultimately make the shift better for students long term.

For years, the intersection of 95th St. and Cicero Ave. has been one of the busiest in the six-county metropolitan area of Oak Lawn, IL. The region boasts an energetic and thriving community of businesses. Students should not lack places to eat, shop, or obtain other services when visiting campus for classes.

Surrounded by a bustling community, the new campus also is close to many hospitals, medical facilities, and dental offices that may provide students greater access to practical experience and a wide selection of job opportunities after graduation. Similarly, the new location makes Northwestern College more visible to hiring managers at these healthcare organizations. Now, it is much easier for them to visit the campus to set up meetings with the Chief Academic Officer and Program Directors and learn more about the programs, as well as connect with students and graduates.

The new campus is just down the street from the Metra train station. Resting in the heart of downtown Oak Lawn, this line provides several convenient stops, including a 35-minute trip to Union Station in Chicago. It also features ample parking space, including spots designated for persons with disabilities.

New Opportunities on the Horizon at Northwestern College

The transition to the fresher, more state-of-the-art Oak Lawn campus allows for more possibilities for Northwestern College. Namely, it provides an opportunity to expand program offerings and introduce new ones that align with the needs of the Chicagoland workforce. Additional classrooms on campus make it easier to integrate new programs in healthcare or other sectors.

Enroll at Northwestern College’s New Campus

While the move to 9400 S. Cicero Ave. is certainly an exciting endeavor for Northwestern College, it is also the perfect time to enroll in one of our programs. We focus on preparing students for a rewarding career with outstanding training and support staff committed to student success. To learn more about the new campus in Oak Lawn, IL, or our programs, request info today.