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Why People Are Turning to Health Career Positions in 2022

Why People Are Turning to Health Career Positions in 2022

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Whether they’ve always been interested in the healthcare field or became inspired to help patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic, more prospective students than ever are turning to health-related programs. And this is for good reason – a career in this field is not only rewarding but also a stable, prosperous option. Here, Northwestern College, which serves Oak Lawn, Illinois, and the Greater Chicago area, explains why more and more people are becoming interested in health career positions in 2022.

Vast Array of Job Opportunities

Some people love providing care to the elderly or children, while others might prefer the peace and quiet of an administrative role like coding and billing. Whatever the case, the healthcare industry offers a wide range of job opportunities, and there are careers for every type of personality. Just a few of the job titles Northwestern College’s programs can prepare students for include the following:

  • Administrative assistant or office manager
  • Registered Nurse
  • Medical assistant
  • Dental assistant
  • Radiologic technician
  • Health Information technology (HIT) professional

Fulfilling Work in Stimulating Environments

As the population continues to age and experience various ailments, qualified healthcare professionals are in demand in every industry, whether they’re involved in administering direct patient care or maintaining a hospital’s technology. Besides a great earning potential throughout their careers, these professionals are also in a highly respectable line of work, as their work makes positive impacts on the lives of patients and their families every day. What’s more, certain positions in the healthcare industry may provide professionals with the potential for flexible work schedules, which is a great benefit for those with children or other responsibilities throughout the week.

Variety of Educational Paths

Working in the field of healthcare may require specialized education, but from Northwestern College’s perspective, pursuing any of our degree programs or certificates is worth the return on investment. If you’re considering a healthcare career in 2022, we offer the following educational options to help you get started on the right foot:

Associate Degree Programs

Combining general education courses with career-based skills training, Northwestern College’s associate degree programs are designed to help students grow into well-rounded professionals in the medical field. What’s more, these degrees add value to a student’s marketability in the workforce – in less time than a four-year degree program. Our associate degree programs include:

Bachelor’s Degree Program

Earning a bachelor’s degree can have a huge impact on the trajectory of a student’s future. Our sole bachelor’s degree offering, the Health Information Management program, is open to students who are interested in advanced data management practices, which enhance the delivery of healthcare and protect private patient information. Designed as an extension of the Health Information Technology AAS degree program, this bachelor’s degree is offered 100% online and can drastically improve a graduate’s earning potential over the long term.

Please note: Students must have completed our HIT AAS or another CAHIIM-accredited associate degree HIT program to enroll.

Certificate Programs

For students who are looking to get in the field fast, Northwestern College certificate programs are available. No general education courses are needed, and students have the opportunity to complete these programs in less than a year. They can help enhance future career opportunities and even assist students in moving up the ladder within their organization. These programs include:

For more information about launching a healthcare career in 2022 at Northwestern College through one of our educational programs in the Greater Chicago area, complete the form below.