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Healthcare Certificate Programs In Bridgeview, IL, And The Greater Chicago Area

Achieving certification status as a medical assistant, dental assistant, or medical coding specialist is a worthwhile investment in your healthcare career. Certificate programs at Northwestern College provide additional skills for individuals currently working in healthcare, and useful qualifications for those entering the healthcare industry. Our certificate programs are job-focused, providing networking opportunities for students, including externships and career services.

Focused, Short-Term Healthcare Certificate Programs

Available at our campus in Bridgeview, Illinois, and online, Northwestern College offers healthcare certificate programs for medical assistants, dental assistants, and medical coding specialists that can be completed in just one year. There are no general education classes required, and the coursework is focused on gaining the knowledge and practical skills to help students work in healthcare. Our healthcare certifications are attractive to employers and help students advance their medical careers.

Our certificate programs include:

Medical Assisting

Train for a multi-faceted role in medical assisting, performing a wide range of patient-centered clinical and administrative tasks.

Dental Assisting

Develop skills in patient education and administrative coordination to increase the delivery and quality of oral health care.

Coding Specialist

Enhance your coding knowledge and gain skills for entry-level coding positions by learning about current classification systems and how to use them in both acute and ambulatory care settings.

Our Medical Assistant Certificate Program

Earn a certificate in medical assisting that can open doors across the healthcare industry. Each healthcare environment offers opportunities to develop more skills and learn more techniques. Certified medical assistants have skills that are easily transferable to a variety of healthcare settings, including

  • Physician offices
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Research facilities
  • Medical specialty offices
  • Government agencies

Medical assistants usually interact with patients, often taking vital signs, placing them in examination rooms, and educating them about medical conditions or treatments. But they also handle billing and coding paperwork and electronic health records, schedule appointments, and perform other tasks.

At Northwestern College, the medical assistant certificate program consists of 48 credit hours, requires an externship, and is taught partially on the Bridgeview, IL, campus and partially online. Graduates are eligible to sit for the American Medical Technologists Registered Medical Assistant exam.

Our Dental Assistant Certificate Program

Dental care is important to human health, and the dental field needs qualified motivated staff. With a dental assisting certificate from Northwestern College, graduates find work in several areas, such as:

  • Private dental offices
  • Specialty practices, such as orthodontia, oral surgery, or periodontics
  • Government agencies

Dental assistants make sure the office runs smoothly, interacting with patients and handling scheduling tasks, billing duties, and patient records. In some cases, dental assistants may help with direct patient care and laboratory tasks, as well. Certified dental assistants have earned transferable, valuable skills, and they often obtain specialized skills in the dental setting.

Consisting of 48 credit hours and requiring an externship, the dental assistant certificate program at Northwestern College is taught on campus in Bridgeview, IL. Graduates are qualified to sit for the American Medical Technologists Registered Dental Assistant exam.

Our Medical Coding Specialist Certificate Program

Students enrolled in the Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Technology at Northwestern College also can earn the medical coding specialist certificate. If you are new to the healthcare industry, learning more about medical codes, and becoming a medical coding specialist can positively impact your career.

Employers throughout the healthcare sector need skilled medical coding specialists to maintain the accuracy of electronic health records, track billing and payment data, and assist medical researchers. Medical coding specialists work in many facilities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Public health clinics
  • Research departments at universities
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Nursing facilities

As the need for digital data increases in healthcare, certified medical coding specialists contribute skills that are highly desirable and necessary. This certification program is administered completely online and consists of 37 credit hours. Graduates of the certification program are qualified to sit for the Certified Coding Specialist Physician-based (CC-P) exam.

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Apply For A Healthcare Certificate Program In Bridgeview, IL

Are you ready for a new or advanced career in healthcare? Would you like to add practical, transferable skills to your resume? Earning a healthcare certificate at Northwestern College in Bridgeview, IL, and the greater Chicago area can help you reach your career goals. The healthcare industry is growing every year, creating job openings in a large variety of healthcare workplaces.

Our flexible, one-year certificate programs can help you improve job function, connect with new opportunities, start a new career, or seek advanced degrees. When medical assistants, dental assistants, and medical coding specialists earn their certificates at Northwestern College, they are ready to take their places as valuable healthcare team members. Request info and apply to certificate programs today.

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Associate Degree Programs at Northwestern College

Earning an associate degree can be an excellent way to begin your studies in higher education, and it also can be a springboard to a more fulfilling job or a career that is more highly paid. At Northwestern College in Bridgeview, Illinois, and serving the greater Chicago area, students who graduate with an associate degree in Radiologic Technology, Nursing, or Health Information Technology are ready to join the skilled workforce in a relatively short time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with an associate degree earned an average of $114 more per week in 2017, almost $6,000 annually, than high school graduates without college credits.

Our associate degree programs include:

Radiologic Technology

Receive hands-on training in the use of diagnostic imaging equipment, as well as classroom studies in radiologic-specific subjects such as physics and anatomy. After graduation, students are qualified for licensing examinations and starting their new careers in radiography.


In the Violet L. Schumacher School of Nursing at Northwestern College, students in the associate degree program can take advantage of the growing demand for nurses in healthcare. The program welcomes applications by students who currently work as LPNs, as well as those who are new to the field. Graduating students are qualified to take the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses.

Health Information Technology

Students who are attracted to work in the healthcare industry – and enjoy statistics and digital technology – can train for high-demand information technology careers. Graduating students are qualified to work as medical records technicians and health information technicians. Previous experience in healthcare can be helpful when entering this program, though it is not required.

Business Administration

The Northwestern College Business Administration program is offered fully online through Campus. Campus and Northwestern College have partnered together to offer an innovative, online associate degree program in Business Administration. Our instructors play an important role in your success, giving you the tools and resources you need to flourish.

Transfer Previous Experience and Credits

Often, students have previously studied and earned college credits, or they have work experience in a related field that might be relevant to their new course of study. Some or all credits already earned on a college transcript, or applicable work experience, can be transferable when students are accepted into an associate degree program. Ask our Admissions Department for specific information about transfer credits and whether you can gain credit for previous coursework.

Apply to an Associate Degree of Applied Science Program in Illinois

Advisors are available to answer any questions about programs at Northwestern College in Bridgeview, IL, serving the greater Chicago area. If you have been considering a career in healthcare, applying to an associate of the applied science degree program in Radiologic Technology, Nursing, or Health Information Technology might be the first step on a journey toward finding well-paid work that you love. Contact us today for more information about our associate degree programs at Northwestern College.

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Health Information Management Bachelor’s Degree Program In IL

Bachelor’s degrees represent several years of hard work and dedication to a field and often are a minimum requirement for entry-level and management positions in healthcare. At Northwestern College in Bridgeview, IL, and the greater Chicago area, we offer an online Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Health Information Management. Our bachelor’s degree program allows students to move directly into the workplace or pursue advanced degrees as graduate students.

Preparation For Leadership Roles In Healthcare

Earning a bachelor’s degree at Northwestern College provides students with a unique opportunity. Students gain knowledge and skills that are vital to working in the fast-growing healthcare sector. Our comprehensive, online bachelor’s degree program prepares students for leadership roles. They manage healthcare teams, patient data, and billing mechanisms, and participate in strategic planning and economic forecasting.

In an increasingly digital environment that requires patient medical records to be available to multiple healthcare and allied professionals in a variety of locations, information management professionals are charged with keeping records safe and accessible. The trust of patients and institutional partners rests on honoring confidentiality, while also facilitating fast, effective patient care. As graduates of the B.S. degree in Health Information Management at Northwestern College, our alumni are prepared to analyze and learn from medical data, while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations that govern data sharing.

Currently, Northwestern College offers:

Health Information Management

Offered fully online for the flexibility and convenience of our students, this program is specifically designed for those who already have previous education or experience in the area of health information technology and want to take what they know to the next level. Learn how to competently manage patient health information and information systems while also meeting the American Health Information Management Association’s standards of quality, integrity, respect, and leadership.

Program Overview: Health Information Management

Fully online, this bachelor’s degree program is built on Northwestern College’s Associate of Applied Science Degree in Health Information Technology (HIT). Applicants to the B.S. program must have completed either our HIT program, or one similarly accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

The program includes general education courses, such as psychology, professional writing, algebra, and statistics, as well as professional preparation in financial administration, information governance, data mining, and human resource leadership theory.

Graduates meet challenging goals in the health information technology degree program, such as effective communication skills, self-directed learning abilities, and demonstrated experience in critical thinking and problem-solving. They are well prepared to join the ranks of professionals in health information management and to take on roles in healthcare, including positions within institutions, insurance, and government.

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Professional Exam Eligibility

At the end of the program, students are eligible to sit for the American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA) Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) examination. According to AHIMA, RHIAs:

  • Prepare budgets
  • Manage operational units
  • Work on all levels of organizations
  • Administer and manage patient health data
  • Use classification systems and medical terminologies

Advance Your Current Healthcare Career

Earning a bachelor’s degree in healthcare programs can be a game-changer for your career path. If you are already working in patient care, insurance, public health, or in a related field, you may be considering enrolling in an educational program. If you have experience with medical records, billing services, or data entry and analysis, you are already aware that a bachelor’s degree in health information management could facilitate a step up in your career path.

If you are currently employed in the healthcare sector, you are well-positioned to apply for the B.S. in Health Information Management at Northwestern College. We have found that prior experience in healthcare is beneficial for those who undertake this challenging and engaging program. However, anyone who wants to make a difference in patient care and improve healthcare delivery will find the health information management program to be a stimulating and beneficial path to a fulfilling career.

Apply To Our Bachelor’s Degree Program Today

Why have students been choosing Northwestern College since 1902? We continue to help them prepare for rewarding careers. If you are looking to increase your level of responsibility in your current field or are interested in joining healthcare professionals and allies as they work to improve the health and lives of patients and families, apply to earn a bachelor’s degree today. Our graduates qualify for positions in hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, public health agencies, research institutions, and medical practices. Request information about the Bachelor of Science degree in Health Information Management at Northwestern College today.