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Making College Affordable


Scholarship for High School Graduates

While NC does its best to prepare students for life after graduation and in the workforce, our commitment to education doesn’t stop there. We also aim to create opportunities that keep college affordable for students, despite their financial situation. As part of this commitment, NC is proud to offer a scholarship to high school graduates.

So, if you want to earn your degree from a career-focused college without going into debt, consider applying for a scholarship from Northwestern College.

Why Apply for the NC Scholarship?

In addition to providing financial aid to eligible high school graduates, this scholarship does not require you to repay a dime. Rather, it helps make our college experience more affordable.

How Do You Apply?

The NC college scholarship is available during the summer or fall quarter for high school graduates who are admitted to Northwestern College as entering freshmen and take the maximum credits as specified by admission requirements. The scholarship amounts awarded vary by deadline dates and program.

Apply Today

To apply for the NC college scholarship, just download the applicable application form and complete it as instructed:

Early Acceptance Award for 2020 HS Grads




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