College Leadership & Governance

Northwestern College operates under the direction of the Board of Directors (BOD) and President Lawrence Schumacher.  The faculty, staff, and BOD are committed to fulfilling Northwestern College’s Mission to educate prepare and empower its diverse student body to pursue their professional goals.  This shared commitment is executed through our system of shared governance that allows emphasis to be placed on the shared responsibility for college-wide policies, strategies, goals, and strategies.

This shared governance practice helps us create the Northwestern College community where we work together towards our common goal of helping students be successful.

Lawrence Schumacher image

Lawrence Schumacher


Gail Schumacher image

Gail Schumacher

Executive Vice President of Operations

Margie Bennecke image

Margie Bennecke

Board Member

Donna McCaleb image

Donna McCaleb

Board Member

Angela Zotos image

Angela Zotos

Board Member

Tonya Troka image

Tonya Troka

Chief Academic Officer

Ryan Lewis image

Ryan Lewis

Executive Director of Enrollment & Student Services

Sara Gettinger image

Sara Gettinger

Director of Student Finance

Lauren Schumacher image

Lauren Schumacher

Executive Director of Project Management

Omar Bernal image

Omar Bernal

Executive Director of IT

Laura Pollastrini image

Laura Pollastrini

Government & Public Relations Director

Cindy Berryman image

Cindy Berryman

Chief Financial Officer

Lidia Stanina image

Lidia Stanina

HR Manager

Tina Marfoe image

Tina Marfoe

Registrar/Director of Student Support